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kaleidoscopic 'elegiac' ''flyscape''

My grandfather's plane was reported lost in 1960 during the Algeria Independence War, days before the birth of his first child.

This is what I like to think happened to him.

Armel Gibson & Dziff

Music by Calum Bowen

Game originally made for Now Play This w/ the help of Matheson Marcault

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Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorsArmel Gibson, Dziff
TagsColorful, Flight, weird
Player countSingleplayer


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Right into feels.....right into tears....

Just a slightly modified version of a Unity Asses Package, including music, animations and airplane model. A shameful and lazy "game" with 0 originality.

If this actually serves as a memorial for a loved one, the creator shoudl be ashamed of themselves.

Also, be warned, as the creator is known to delete negative comments.

I deleted your previous comment because it's completely wrong. The game was made before the Asset Package (Flight Kit) was even released. Check the dates duh, we released the game in the end of October 2015, and the asset in question was uploaded late February 2016. If any, -they- are the one that may have been inspired by our game.

Really?? Have you never actually played the game? Its extremely good. The graphics are beautiful, even on some really old windows XP machine I tried it on just for fun. Even if he did use the unity assets (which I doubt), the game didn't make itself. He obviously put some serious time into this, and I think it would make his grandfather proud.

Very Vibrant game


How can i PLAY!??? i want to, but i cant



i aggree


Thank you for the experience, you've given us a wonderful place for all the lost pilots to go to.

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I loved your game!


What a lovely game and a touching story!

Thank you a lot for the ride, it was peaceful :3

I only regret I could only fly in two levels and not knowing how to go on the others (I see them in the video tests) ^^"

The levels are randomly selected and there are five different ones, so if you keep playing you'll find more~~

I finally played them all o/ (sorry for the first time, I constantly had the same two levels despite all the resets).

Thanks for the experience,



Wow! This game is amazing ! Oo

I don't exactly get it but it sure is beautiful...


Amazing game :0 Had a blast playing it !!


"This is what I like to think happened to him."
That sentence, just really hit my heart....

99/100 needs moar poanes and moar exprusiuns

(Forced Errors ^)

(^ sascarm)

rest in peace.


LSD Simulator 2016. What an experience

what an amazing experience, loved it <3

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This isn't a Game, This is Art..

this music coupled with the graphics and free reign the game gives you is perfection. thank you for making this.

I made a video of my experience with the game!

This game is a great experience. It's simple, artistic, and delivers an extremely abstract message people can interpret in so many different ways. Great job, developers for making such a profound statement from a game that can take less than 5 minutes to play!

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